Every question matters. So here are some answers for you, should we not have the opportunity to meet.

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I am running for City Council for a few reasons.

One, I truly love Lincoln and have a strong conviction to run for office.

Two, it is exciting that I have life experiences that will benefit Lincoln.

Three, I can relate to a lot of Lincoln residents because I am an immigrant-refuge, a small business owner, an educator, a healthcare professional, and a conceal-and-carry permit owner.

The Lincoln City Council seats are supposed to be non-partisan. Political division is not fruitful for what the City Council is tasked to do. So, it is a reasonable and well-thought-out decision based on city regulations.

Lincoln citizens must be able to speak out without considering a specific party, and conversations must occur without the influence of a party or feelings. That is how I plan to be as a City Council member.

Being “non-partisan” describes a separation from the constraints of political parties. There are, unfortunately, rules for certain parties that exclude non-partisans. Even though that goes against their statements of alleged inclusion, it is understood that they have national constraints and policies in place.

I want to be the best candidate I can be for you, whoever you might be.

Of course, if a future situation requires me to declare a partisan affiliation, I will do so at that time. But, for now, I will remain non-partisan, true to myself, and true to you during the April and May 2023 Council race.

I trust my election will happen with your blessing if I am meant to become a City Councilwoman.

In my opinion, defunding the police is not good for your safety, for my safety, and for the safety of our children.


A woman should be able to protect herself. It is her decision.

I’m opposed to the death penalty.

Government needs to stay out of healthcare.


What we need to be focusing on is holding various entities accountable for ensuring that they abide by the Hippocratic Oath.

I have many questions about how that is all going to work, and until I get answers to those questions, I will not be able to give an opinion either way. My questions include the following:

    • What have we learned from the opioid crisis?
    • What will we do differently to ensure that appropriate controls are in place?
    • How are we going to keep this “medical” (intention of the bills) rather than “recreational”?
    • What does the process look like from the professional who prescribes it to the person who uses it?
    • Who will dispense the product? Pharmacies can’t since it is a federally illegal substance.
    • How will the financial issues be handled? Banks can’t hold these accounts because they are FDIC-insured.

I will add more questions as I begin dissecting the legislative bills. I can see good and bad. 

All addresses are required to have legible house numbers that are viewable from the street.


In cases where that is not happening, I would work with the city planning to see what we can or should do.


  1. Protect your CONSTITUTIONAL rights
  2. Restore ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY in ALL decisions
  3. PROMOTE and AID small businesses


“To stand with and for you to ensure your right to LIFE, LIBERTY and FREEDOM is upheld.”

She gets it done!

Elina wants us to do things with, for, and by the people as they should be done. Because we see our freedoms slipping away one policy and one day at a time.

Your Rights

The Constitution

Political Accountability

Driven by FACTS